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Advanced charting with technical analysis

Compare performance for financial instruments over various time frames.

Using add symbol, simply search for another instrument to compare with and select it. The chart will display the percentage change for both instruments over the given time period.

New Technical analysis indicators available:

  • Simple Moving Average
  • Exponential Moving Average
  • Weighted Moving Average
  • Bollinger bands
  • Relative Strength Index
  • Stochastics
  • Average True Range
  • Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD)

New Full screen charts available by clicking on maximize

Intuitive and flexible customizable desktops

New customizable desktops give users more flexibility in their workflow

Users can create their own layouts by placing widgets with instrument information, news, calendars and orderbooks where they are needed.

Add, open or delete desktops

Add or open already created desktops from the list. It is also possible to delete existing desktops.

Add, move and customize widgets on your desktop

Click on Customize to enter customization mode.

Widgets can be added to the desktop and existing widgets on the desktop can be moved around by dragging.

When desired changes have been made, exit customization mode by saving the desktop

Fundamental analytics on companies

New Fundamental data available on company pages (access required)

Navigate to any company and click on the fundamentals tab to get started

The data will be available for the given markets you have been given access to


The screener allows users to filter lists of companies based on criteria specified such as Price/Earlings, Price/Book, New Sales and more

Charts including consensus estimates, EPS, dividend yields and GPRV provide lots of information in an easy to read format

Sector momentum makes it easy to see which sectors are performing well with regards to price change vs. earning per share (EPS) change

Trading improvements

Improved New order window

Entering a new order is easier than ever. The new order window can be placed anywhere on the screen and will stay visible when navigating to other pages.

Follow your orders

Regardless of whether users are looking at a customized desktop, checking fundamentals data or analyzing a company, the sidebar will follow giving full control of orders, market value and trading power.

Improved Portfolio charts

The Portfolio has new and improved charts showing the distribution of your holdings both in terms of asset class and positions

Cross-device alerts

Price alerts

Infront's servers monitor the price movements of financial instruments of interest and alert users when the price or percentage change has been triggered by market activity. Alerts can be received in the platform and via e-mail.

Change your settings in the settings page (available from the main menu) to setup to receive alerts to your e-mail address

  • Improved market overviews for bonds, options, warrants and funds
  • Light theme
  • My profile
  • Improved user experience
  • Other improvements
Infront Web 1.1
  • User experience improvements
  • Bug fixes and performance improvments
  • Navigation improvements
  • New and improved global overview
  • Language support
  • Trading improvements
Infront Web 1.0
  • Charting improvements
  • Bug fixes
  • Navigation improvements
  • New and improved global overview
  • Language support
  • Trading improvements